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Returnable Packaging

Packaging Needs Assessment

Whether designing transit packs, work-in-process packs, international shipment packs, or after-market part packs, Componentpak UK will follow a structured needs assessment procedure to achieve the optimum solution.


We capture the necessary information before the design process. The framework for packaging needs is then shared with experienced designers/suppliers for concept, creation and build.

Material Options & Packaging Systems

We specialise in developing packaging systems from the production line to back down the supply chain. Our role is to study the market place for products and assess designs best suited for our customers and/or end users.


We can offer designs for: metal rack/stillage systems, bulk container systems, standard/bespoke plastic systems, custom container systems, sleeve pack systems, soft-sided packaging, corrugated cartons & wooden systems, returnable dunnage systems in plastics, urethanes, textiles and more.

Program Management

Our project management services have the means to control the entire design process from packaging intent to manufacture. We hold responsibility for ensuring the delivery of innovative design concept sheets, full working prototypes and detailed quotes within a predetermined and agreed time- table.


Componentpak UK can provide model launch support at your place of business to ensure smooth production ramp-ups. This service can prove to be a vital means to economically achieve program goals for automotive OEM’s, and first tier component suppliers. Confidentiality awareness is essential from all parties active within the program.


Concept Creation

The heart of the business is design expertise, taking your framework needs and turning them into a cost-effective design concept. The solutions seek to optimise efficiency, reduce/eliminate packaging waste and maximise the protection of your products and employees. Componentpak UK aims to successfully implement designs by use of the following checklist to assess each concept:


  • Protection – Maintain quality throughout supply chain

  • Economics – Cost-effective, value return for investment outlay

  • Performance - Efficiency and best practice

  • Ergonomics - Safety

  • Labeling Identification - Parts delivery system control integration

  • Environmental Impact - Waste & vehicle movement reduction

  • Innovation - Meet the challenge

Sampling & Prototyping

Prototypes can be built to your specifications. Our partners work with a wide range of CAD Packages (CATIA, AutoCad, Solidworks etc.) and have the ability to build customer samples directly from part data. It is also possible to design around the component if required.


Ergonomic and aesthetic features such as hand-holes, corporate colours, logos and facilities to hold labels can be added to offer a totally customised and attractive sample pack.


Precision sampling is achieved in a timely and efficient manner through the design system. Componentpak UK network the sales, design, manufacture and shipping for a smooth flow.


Packaging performance can be validated to ensure your parts have sufficient protection. It is expected that sufficient parts are available for testing. Approval documentation can be arranged when specified as part of the joint buy-off approval process.


  • PLASTIC CORRUGATED Dividers, Containers, Layer Boards, Partitions, Sleeve Packs

  • PAPER CORRUGATED/WOOD Cartons, Export Packs, Service Parts, Wooden Pallets

  • MOULDED URETHANE Cast & Press Formed Dunnage

  • RACK/STILLAGE STEEL FABRICATION Design, Prototype & Build, WIP, Sequencing, JIT, Racks/Stillages

  • VACUUM FORMING Dunnage, Trays - ABS, PE, PP, PVC

  • LAMINATION Foam, Spunbound PP

  • CNC MACHINING Three-Axis Routing, Counter Sinking, Pocketing, Drilling, Counter Boring

  • PLASTIC WELDING Hot Air Welds, Sonic Welds

  • FABRICATED FOAM Dunnage, Die Cut, Contour Cut, Water Jet PE, PU, ZOTE Foam

  • SEWN TEXTILES Rack/Stillage Throw-back or Roller Curtains, Pouches, Dust Covers, Hammock Systems, Vertical & Horizontal Partition Cell Systems, Materials PVC, Tyvek, Rip-Stop


  • EXPANDABLE DUNNAGE Corrugated Blocks, Partitions, Custom Pallets & Foams

Continuous Improvement

Problem prevention, rather than late detection, is a core philosophy and is fundamental to all aspects of the design. Your specific needs are studied every time. Robust project management is the means to control the project through the verification plan, as well as to carry out and review the continuous cycle process to ensure correct form, fit and function. Our goal is to provide designs fully meet their supply chain system requirements.

Repair, Refurbishment & Modification Services

Packaging asset condition audits can be arranged, either on site or at your supplier locations. Campaign management of repair, refurbishment and modification activity to all types of packaging can be undertaken, providing you with fully detailed reports. Refurbishing packaging makes financial sense when packaging can be returned into use at a fraction of the cost of new.

Distribution Flow Management

Customers can benefit financially from a returnable packaging management support service in full or in part. A comprehensive program would encompass storage and distribution services, packaging repair, valeting and routine maintenance services, as well as information management and location tracking services. Componentpak UK can assist customers to shape a service contract to secure materials handling savings in many areas.

Environmental Support

Componentpak UK is committed to doing business in an environmentally friendly manner, often designing and supplying packaging from recycled and sustainable materials when possible with your approval. We also assist with end of life disposal, with the potential for credit towards new.

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